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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Originally created as a way to provide context to a series of songs for Buxton Fringe in 2017. Mr Different was Egriega's idea of a strange man who emerges from a bag in an industrial estate in a Northern Town. A live band are rehearsing a few feet away, but the musicians cannot see him.

He appears to be confused and is clearly distressed. Various apparitions appear in front of him. He sings songs along with the band. Later a police officer and a council officer appear and want him to move on... he tells them to go away but they pledge to return.

Eventually they return and confirm that he must return to the bag.

In the original version were the following songs:

Saturday Night

Let's Drink to your End

Careless People


Mr Different

Life is Strange

I See You

Lights all Fall Down

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