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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

At one of the early shows, we were approached by Craig Sanders, then Director at Lichfield Garrick.

Craig thought the show was intriguing and suggested he would like it to perform at his theatre.

After the show's short run at Buxton Fringe in Underground Venue's managed space, we realised that we had just about broken even. There was the cost of musicians - 3 musicians at at one of the shows and two musicians at three of the four shows. However, audiences were modest even by fringe standards, with as few as 20 ticketed sales at all but one show.

I was then invited to a meeting with the Arts Council in November 2017 as I had previously submitted a bid with Shape Arts for funding but the Council suggested another route and discussed how we could improve our bid.

At the Arts Council meeting, they gave me some confidence that Mr Different was interesting and they also provided some suggestions as to how to put together a bid. Straight away, I made contact with Craig and over dinner he suggested putting together an R&D bid...

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